In chemical labs there are lots of dangerous fumes, toxins, other harmful substances. That is why people working there (the staff) are to be protected. Otherwise their work can not be productive. A laboratory fume hood helps to solve this responsible problem. The workplaces must have secure conditions.

Fume chamber laboratory is especially useful in case of long duration experiments. Technical parameters vary widely. That is why before manufacturing all details must be discussed between representatives of a customer and manufacturer.

A chemical fume hood cabinet made by our qualified staff has lots of advantages. This combination gives the maximum of effectiveness because of their reliability and safety. Year by year their parameters are being developed, so in the nearest future they will become even more effective than now. Not only customers from our country, but also foreign partners order our products on the constant basis. We are among top-3 producers in the Europe and increase the amount of fume hoods being sold in the Europe. Pharmacy and medicine, research centers and electronics plants need our hi-tech facilities.


Each device includes

— glass being tempered (window sash that can protect personnel from harmful gases as well as vapoirs, it plays a role of a shield.

— sink that is made of stainless steel (mounted in the inner part of hood), it is highly resistant to substances at workplaces.

— lateral surfaces from the work place (chamber) giving the appropriate level of visibility,

— auxiliary exhaust fan is a must either.

In our company’s products enclosed ventilation is taking place. For example, it is present in the tabletop fume hood. The important purpose of the facility is eliminating of harmful vapors and other toxic chemicals. In chemical laboratories both sizes are available, large and small, we are working under the medium size now. The desires of customers are to be fulfilled.