In the process when cell culture is growing, laminar flow cabinet is a very useful facility. The conditions of process such as temperature, pressure, concentration of different particles, should be carefully measured and controlled. That is why cells are put outside of natural surrounding. In other words, they should be isolated by means of special equipment.

Every laminar flow cabinet for cell culture (application in microbiology) has its own parameters. But its construction is often the same. It consists of special vessel having appropriate medium or substrate. Such substances give the important acids and vitamins, also minerals. They are important for growth. They also regulate the conditions of physiological and chemical surrounding (pH level and pressure, and temperature).

Laminar flow cabinet for cell culture needs special substrate (which is usually a surface). It also can be a monolayer culture. A large amount of cells has lifespan which is genetically determined. But some of them can be changed and become immortal. Such cells can be reproduced indefinitely in case of optimal modes for them which are being carried out.


Laminar flow cabinet for microbiology can be used to create cells especially from animal cells. There is contrast between them and plant tissue culture. Microbes are also to be investigated. The methods and procedures of investigations are being developed now. Our company is improving the product parameters on the constant basis. Such researches allow treating serious infections, so viruses and microbes are a subject of investigation in different countries. German scientists are among the best in this sphere and our facilities help to conduct their important experiments.  They are secure and reliable. Effective protection, on the excellent level is a very important advantage. The protection concerns product, the staff and surrounding. Harmful for animals and people substances should be restricted.

Vertical and horizontal direction of laminar flow cabinets is suitable for different application. They can be a reason of genetic alterations, even synergetic activities between other products. We manufacture the facilities for microbiology with the highest protection level. Call us and we can give overall information about hi-tech facilities.