Laboratory fume hoods can not work in the normal conditions without appropriate laboratory fume hood accessories. The aim of this facility, popular with our European customers, is containment of harmful substances and reagents, different fumes that can be extremely toxic.

We manufacture various fume hood cabinet accessories. Among them:

— filters,

— units for fume extraction,

— removed carts.


It is important for personnel to have appropriate level of qualification during work with fume hood. Otherwise it will be impossible to choose the appropriate components or remove them after their breakage. Clinical, medical, pharmaceutical and other modern laboratories use our hoods for several years and order them again. Our managers can give recommendations about filters and other parts of a hood. In such case size and material are to be considered. Also important moment is regulatory requirements. Their carts have to be adjustable, according with height and other geometrical parameters of the fume hood.

One of the examples of important accessories is Portable fume vacuum with 2 hoses. Selection of accessories must be started from the stage of compatibility checking. Such device combines small scale of measurements with reliable protection from hazardous fumes and other particles. They do not neet too much space, so they are ideal decision for small labs.