One of the most popular hi-tech products of our company is a laminar airflow chamber (another possible definition is laminar airflow bench). They help to exclude contamination of sensitive to particles materials, biological specimen, semiconductors, etc. Special design allows to fulfill all serious requirements of our customers.

Every laminar flow cabinet has HEPA filters. Creation of highly sterile conditions is their main purpose. Innovations in this sphere give an opportunity of clean surrounding. There are serious experiments in the specialized laboratories. Modern equipment is a must there. Our scientists and engineers deliver facilities for microelectronics and industrial branches, pharmacy and nanotechnology.

Details of construction may have a great influence on the equipment. So at the primary stage, before manufacturing all geometrical and other parameters should be discussed. Both customer and manufacturers (or their representatives) have to organize meeting there all important moments are to be spoken.


The main elements of a hood are

  • a fan,
  • HEPA filter,
  • filter pad.

Dust is to be caught and it can be done by sucking of fan the air via the filter or its components.

Prefiltration is usually takes place either, so all bacteria and particle of dust are removed and air in the workplace becomes sterile. Laminar flow cabinets can use not only in medicine and pharmacy, but also for small applications, one of the examples are electronic devices. Industrial sphere also needs such equipment. Other applications should be discussed with our specialists.

Stainless steel with good durability is a main material here. In common case gaps or joints are absent. Precision filtration process allow to get clean air at the workplaces. Call our managers and we will answer all you question.